Contact Center

ROI_InternalIMages_ContactCenterYour contact center must meet the demands of the modern customer service experience—and that means efficiently leveraging your talents across multiple communication technologies. Success at the contact center determines a brand’s perception and, ultimately, its reputation.

Still, every business must find cost-effective strategies for using technology. Whether you employ a non-human self service solution or a full-scale, dedicated call center with online chat, the focus points are the same: cost-per-transaction and customer satisfaction.

ROI Networks, LLC helps you strike the right balance so that your call center can perform efficiently and with advanced tools.

Inbound, Outbound & Blended Applications

Does your business need dedicated inbound or outbound applications, or does it require a blended solution? Your business will maximize sales and efficiency by finding the solution that best suits the product, your customers, and the needs of your sales staff and customer service reps.

Voice, Email, Chat

Different customers prefer different methods of contact, and your specific industry may be in need of shifting strategy. ROI Networks helps identify applications for voice, email, chat, SMS, fax and social media in an integrated contact center solution.

Recording and Compliance

Customers are increasingly challenged with multiple regulatory and compliance requirements.  Ensuring compliance–including HIPAA, SOX, PCI, among others–typically involves securing data in process or at rest.  Call recording and the protection and access to sensitive data must be at the forefront of a technology solution.  However, when implemented properly, technology can ensure compliance and maximize productivity without fear of data breaches and security/compliance violations.

Workforce Management

Contact Center Supervisors need to schedule agents and resources to meet or exceed established Levels of Service or Key Performance Indicators.  Managing agents within a large or multi-channel contact center require a great deal of time and energy that could be better utilized within the contact center.  By automating the scheduling of agents with the necessary skills to provide excellent support is extremely important.  Workforce Management Solutions automate this process and identify gaps that could place a business at risk of missing important goals because of effective staffing.

Interactive Voice Response

Self-service or IVR technologies have been around for many years.  However, they are now multi-channel-focused versus the traditionally voice-focused.  They can automate routing interactions at reduced costs over live agents, provide 24×7 support and lower costs per interaction.  Additionally, they offer speech recognition and text-to-speech options to increase their usefulness to the contact center.

Analytics and Reporting

Without critical analytics and reporting data, contact centers lack important visibility of contact center performance.  Simply put, what you can’t see, you cannot manage.  Taking critical data from the contact center, CRM systems and other back-end databases enables powerful tools to study agent and customer behavior and continually improve without overstaffing the contact center.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration has been around for years.  However, by embedding communication within business applications is the holy grail of contact center efficiency.  Our solutions offer built-in connectors to the most strategic CRM, ERP, Supply Chain and other back office applications to improve agent productivity and increase awareness of the end-to-end customer experience.