ROI_InternalIMages_EducationROI Networks, LLC provides tailored network solutions for both K-12 and higher education institutions. We understand the specific concerns of communications and networking for educators, administrators, staff, and students—as well as the challenges of handling compliance and working with institutional budgets.

ROI has California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS) certification and a Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) to work with the USAC E-Rate program. We offer an experienced, knowledgeable voice in finding network solutions for educational institutions, and we understand what it takes to provide value to this market.  We are also certified by the State of California as a Small Business Entity.

K-12 Education

ROI understands that K-12 schools must carefully allocate and manage funding. With growing needs for student-facing technologies as well as general IT infrastructure, K-12 institutions need efficient networking solutions that will make an impact on education.

We serve the K-12 sector by finding solutions for advanced voice systems, real-time communications throughout facilities, and Internet networking specific to the needs of education.

Higher Education

For colleges and universities, ROI addresses IT needs, including wireless access and reliable security. We help institutions focus on enabling teaching and learning while providing cutting-edge technologies for student and faculty achievement.

From campus-wide communications systems to advanced Internet and mobility solutions for dorms, we understand the unique needs of IT compliance and performance at universities.