ROI_InternalIMages_GovernanceROI Networks, LLC is a privately held company incorporated in the state of Delaware. We are governed by a five-member Board of Directors. Additionally, this Board of Directors meets regularly to provide the necessary governance to ensure that we are operating ethically and in the best interests of our shareholders, employees, partners and customers.

This Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse set of experienced executives that bring their collective experience to the table to oversee the business, financial and strategic affairs of the company. The Board of Directors is extremely important to the ongoing success of the company and to create and maximize shareholder value.

ROI Networks Board of Directors meet four times per year. Our annual meeting is held at our corporate headquarters located at 27101 Puerta Real, Ste.100, Mission Viejo, CA 92691. We also meet quarterly via conference calls.

Our Board of Directors provides strategic and financial guidance on how ROI Networks can best create and grow shareholder value. They also assist the Management Team with recommendations, real-world experience and validation on overall business strategy and direction.