ROI_InternalIMages_implementationIntegrationCommunication can make an installation a success, or it can render it a failure. As part of your implementation and integration services from ROI Networks, LLC, we provide your team with a project manager or project coordinator who will oversee resource scheduling and act as a point of contact for all parties.

From the planning stages through deployment and beyond, you need someone with the expertise to synthesize an increasingly complex variety of data, networks, and applications—and with the know-how and people skills to make each part a success of its own.


Project implementation follows our successful, repeatable process that has been designed to deliver technologies as promised and on schedule. We listen to your expectations and work with your measures of success, responding dynamically to your specific needs and ensuring that your employees and existing systems are prepared for new technologies.

ROI sets benchmarks for implementation success:

  • At the internal and customer project kick-off, we identify the timeline, resources, and objectives.
  • Next, we conduct on-site planning and discussions.
  • Then, we develop fall-back strategies.
  • Finally, ROI conducts training and provides first-day support.
  • Over the long term, we offer ongoing management and assistance with any pain-points to ensure customer satisfaction.

In the IT landscape of multi-vendor networks, hybrid solutions, and web-based applications, you need integration services to weave together the pieces on a technological and human level so that your business can receive the value you expect.

Without the right strategy and resources for integration, even massive projects can fail. When you work with ROI Networks, we deliver value by ensuring that your investments align with your goals.

ROI offers integration solutions that include these:

  • Comprehensive voice, data, and video integration
  • Microsoft Lync integration
  • Polycom integration
  • Cisco integration
  • Web-based integration for CRM applications
  • Business process integration using web-based tools