ROI_InternalIMages_InfrastructureInfrastructure is the backbone of your IT organization. Operating systems support differentiated applications and changing services and, simultaneously, provide the foundation for a unified, converged network.

ROI Networks, LLC helps your business advance through forward-thinking infrastructure solutions that support the applications and technologies driving your organization. At the same time, we prepare you be prepared to adapt to changing needs of public and private networks.

Infrastructure Tools

ROI connects you with the infrastructure tools that optimize your business’s IT infrastructure.

Switching and Routing

Networks benefit from switching and routing solutions that optimize performance. ROI helps you identify these and determine whether your business needs managed or unmanaged services.


Virtual desktops and other virtualized infrastructure cut costs, simplify support, and ease future transitions. We help you choose providers and products with the greatest benefits and most controlled costs.

Learn more about ROI Networks’ VPack solution here.


Whether on-site or in the cloud, servers can be optimized for security, scalability, and connectivity.


More technology means more data, yet businesses rarely want to increase IT spending to accommodate data storage. ROI helps your business identify cost-effective storage solutions that offer easy maintenance and access.

Data Center

We help identify data center solutions that strategically align with IT and business needs while providing security, connectivity, and recovery solutions.


Infrastructure must offer compatibility with wireless networks and platforms to enable present and future technologies and applications.

Session Border Controllers

Session border controllers offer connections and routing with enhanced security and performance. ROI helps you find providers with services that meet the specific needs of your business and infrastructure.

SIP Security

Session initiation protocol (SIP) secures VoIP products, allowing your business to realize the benefits of VoIP while maintaining compliance and managing risk.