ROI_InternalIMages_MaintenanceEvery IT investment needs strategic, deliberate efforts to deliver the value that you expect. Maintenance services from ROI Networks, LLC help you from planning through deployment–and beyond–to facilitate and expedite successful projects.


Leading up to deployment, ROI Networks uses strategic staging to prepare your purchases and facilitate implementation.

Strategic staging will help your business:

  • Minimize the risk of IT projects
  • Expedite successful deployment
  • Avoid distractions and unnecessary labor for your IT staff

ROI staging services create extra value for your purchases by streamlining key tasks, which ensures that your purchases match the needs of your contract, and by easing implementation.

The ROI team will help your business achieve these outcomes:

  • Reconcile inventory and shipments
  • Assemble hardware and networking components
  • Program and install software, firmware, and patches
  • Burn-in solutions to ease implementation
  • Prepare and manage multi-site, heterogeneous network deployment
  • Simplify on-site work after implementation

The ROI Networks team features engineers who work with the products and services you buy to make sure that every investment aligns with your goals and is delivered as promised.

Working with our engineers provides key benefits:

  • Our design engineers establish IT value before closing the sale.
  • Our implementation engineers ensure successful deployment after the sale.
  • Our engineering team helps you minimize in-house costs and accelerate the return on your investment.

ROI engineers bring a wide range of certifications to demonstrate industry expertise. We never stop learning and pursue ongoing training and development.

Our staff features certifications for critical systems:

  • Juniper Networks: JNSA, JNSS, JNCIA, JNCIS
  • Microsoft: MCP, MCSE
  • Meru Networks: WSS, WEP, MCE, MCDE
  • Polycom: Sales, Design and Implementation Professionals
  • AudioCodes: Sales, Design and Implementation Professionals