Managed Services

ROI_InternalIMages_ManagedServicesManaged services from ROI Networks let you focus on your business while we ensure that your IT and telecom investments bring you the greatest impact and value. We leverage our industry knowledge and partnerships to ensure that you have the best solutions available. We also help manage preparation, deployment, and integration to support your IT staff throughout projects.


Project Management

We help you stay focused on strategic initiatives and keep your internal IT staff dedicated to critical tasks through our project management services. Our expert project managers guide your investments through every stage of planning and decision making by employing the science of coordinating successful projects.

Implementation & Integration

New projects and complex networking demands must be met with strategic efforts for successful implementation and integration to ensure that your purchases return value. ROI Networks optimizes your solutions for faster, smoother deployments.

Proactive Monitoring

Throughout the lifecycle of your services, ROI provides ongoing maintenance and management of your investments to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely. Save your time and energy for strategic efforts while we minimize your costs and ensure that you have the best solutions to achieve your business goals.


At both the technical and strategic level, our maintenance services help manage your investments before and after deployment. At our staging facilities, we prepare your purchases for launch. Throughout the relationship, our engineers work to design and maintain systems that fulfill your contracts and exceed expectations.