Proactive Monitoring

ROI_InternalIMages_ProactiveMonitoringWe at ROI Networks, LLC pride ourselves on the success of our consultative approach and our ability to execute services efficiently and to your specifications. Our commitment to your satisfaction continues after implementation through our proactive monitoring services. These services are designed to provide maximum value to your accounts throughout the life cycle of all services and hardware.


Our Services

ROI proactive monitoring includes a variety of services that are adapted to your unique needs.

We combine our resources with the best offers available from all the major manufacturers in order to maximize your budget.

Our services include these:

  • Warranties extended at no additional cost.
  • Block-of-hours service to extend your IT resources.
  • Full-time proactive maintenance and management.
Why Choose Proactive Monitoring?

Proactive maintenance and management gets you the most value from your investments. As business needs evolve, a formerly ideal service may become an imperfect fit over time for your business. ROI keeps a guiding eye on our customers’ needs to ensure that you receive maximum benefits and value, as promised and desired, from your services.

Why use proactive monitoring? Here are a few reasons:

  • Warranty evaluation: we help determine if an entitlement warranty aligns with your budget, risk appetite, and business needs.
  • Comprehensive integration: we help design an agreement that suits your needs; then, we ensure that the providers deliver on their promises and that your team has been on-boarded effectively.
  • Service offerings navigation: as products and services grow more complex and differentiated, we monitor your accounts to ensure that your investments continue to be optimized, and we recommend updates and changes when needed.
  • Coordination: your IT team can operate more productively in conjunction with our experienced engineers, who are familiar with complex, heterogeneous networks.