ROI Networks’ new best-in-class cloud offering elevates business communications and turns problems into opportunities.

Choosing the wrong communications partner can leave you with expensive per-seat pricing that adds up quickly and doesn’t include everything you need. You can also end up with rigid solutions that don’t take growth or expansion into consideration. ROI Networks knows the obstacles mid-sized companies face when trying to keep pace with new business technology, like cloud.

Common Business Concerns

  • Transitioning to new technology

  • Fixed budgets

  • Huge shift from CapEx to OpEx

  • Rapid changes in technology

  • Hacking and security issues

  • Centralizing data

  • Losing talent and potential customers

  • Falling behind competition

ROIngage is an advanced, first-of-its-kind cloud offering. It has all of the communication and collaboration services you need to transform your business and enhance the way you work. It creates new opportunities for growth, revenue, and more.

10 ROIngage Benefits
  • Gain Flexibility: Increase your ability to support steady growth or seasonal spikes.
  • Boost Efficiency: Get more done in less time. Refocus on overarching business goals.
  • Increase Speed: Produce quick turnarounds for the C-level, and stay nimble enough to meet changing product requirements and demands.
  • Reduce Risk: MPLS offers a closed private network that is fully monitored and managed. Response to potential issues is rapid.
  • Lessen Growing Pains: Navigate the financial risks associated with business growth.
  • Maximize Ownership: Have more control over your investments.
  • Simplify On-boarding: Deployment is easier with customer classroom-based systems, training videos, and more.
  • Streamline: Simplify management of multiple vendors.
  • Control Costs: Everything is bundled into the seat price.
  • Guarantee: If something is not a right fit, walk away from your contract.

Take advantage of cloud like never before.
Contact us today to start simplifying your communications with ROIngage.