ROI has been with iQor for a few years now. We started out with a small instance of the Avaya 5.2 that our teams worked together in designing and implementing. ROI resources were there every step of the way. Ryan Anderson was always available for any questions and if any trouble occurred I could reach out to ROI and get a resource very quickly. This helped us keep minimal downtime when issues did arise.

My experience through the years with ROI is that they are a company that treats their customers as customers, not numbers. And whether we are a massive Fortune 500 shop or a ma-and-pa shop down the street, the service level that ROI provides is the same. We work very well together as a team and can bounce ideas off of each other. The resources at ROI are very knowledgeable in their positions and are an asset to our company’s success.

Scott Hogg
VP, Technology

This past year we decided to go with ROI Networks to provide our company with a new, upgraded Avaya phone system. The installation was completed on time and professionally done. The transition from our old system to the new one went very smoothly.

Since the installation, ROI Networks has provided excellent support and service. Calling into their Network Operation Center is very simple and it is nice to speak to an engineer when you need assistance. They provide the solutions needed to keep our business up-to-date with the latest technology.

I would definitely recommend ROI Networks as an excellent choice for an installation, upgrade, or as a service provider for any size company. They provide quick turnaround in a timely manner and are very friendly. They have knowledgeable engineers that are certified in all areas including Networking, Telephony, Wireless, and much more. Their educated staff has made the choice easy and I look forward to continued business.

Ed Leyson

For many years now, we have been with ROI Networks to provide our company with support on our Avaya phone system. Since being with ROI Networks, they have provided excellent support and service. If and when we have an issue, we call into their operation center and receive amazing service. It’s nice to speak to an engineer one-on-one; they provide the answers we need to keep our business going with quick answers and fast responses.

With an educated, Avaya-certified, and professional staff, ROI makes our business relationship with them the natural choice.

Taryn Labat

In the corporate world, “ROI” is a globally accepted acronym for “Return on Investment”. Truer words could never be spoken when a corporate entity is looking for a telecommunications partner that is fully rounded and grounded to the telecommunications needs of corporations in today’s highly technological environment.

ROI has the unique and unmatched business and technical knowledge to take its corporate partner to the next level of telecommunications and never hesitates to contribute in all areas surrounding the telecommunications challenges, not only a national, but global corporation experiences on a day to day basis. Telecommunications is a necessary tool for doing business. Without it, businesses can fail, its customer-base destroyed and its employees severely and negatively impacted.

ROI is not only staffed with professionally proven technical experts, but led by experienced and highly knowledgeable professionals and leaders with an unmatched business acumen in its CEO and COO. Their partnership has proven invaluable and critical in this corporation’s own transitional experiences and hardships under an infrastructural reset. You can’t ask for a better, more cooperative, capable or reliable partner. If you are looking to be guided to the next millennium in the world of telecommunications, or if you are just looking for a partner to help keep you stable where you are today, ROI can ensure that you get where you’re going and stay on track to help prevent unnecessary business interruptions that can negatively impact your bottom-line.

If you are looking for a partner that’s got your back – ROI is the choice!

Tai Taitano